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Training activities

Besides the long term training program, the company also has the short term training plan with the objective to equip for the staff to have professional skills such as:

Training program of “Team Building”, participants were the whole staff and management staff, the program already helped the staff to be closer and more understanding altogether, concurrently, helped the staff to obtain coordinating skills in work to achieve the best result. This was also the training program to help management level to search for creative and dynamic personnel. The program was also to encourage the staff and gave an opportunity to rest and relax because the Program’s content was designed under the form of games and organized outdoor with lively and comfortable atmosphere of Binh Quoi Tourist Site  



Training Program “Communicating Skills in office” – Participants were the whole staff of the company, the program was held at Professional Skill Training School of BCC. The program already equipped professional communicating skill for the staff, helped the staff to be more active in communicating and solve problems in work effectively, concurrently, the program also helped the staff to be aware of the importance of communication as it was one of the forms to express the company’s culture




Training Program on Management Skill – Participants were the whole management force of the company, the program already equipped necessary skills for one manager effective and professional, for example, the skill of planning, authorizing work, instructing and feeding-back work result, encouraging the staff …
The training program already helped the management level to recognize the importance of management work and apply into actual work to help it more effective day by day.

Training Program of “Communicating Skill with Customers, Presentation Skill, Negotiating and Problem Solving Skill are basic skills but important for the orientation purpose of communicating, taking care and serving customers more professional in order to improve their satisfaction and grant to them the trustworthiness on the quality of ICIC’s services. 

In order to ensure for the training programs to be effective as well the company’s knowledge is the general knowledge for the whole staff, the company already held the program of “Training skills” for the management level in order to equip the skills for them to conduct the training programs for their under subordinate level.

EX: The manager will give professional skills training and work instruction for the staff; Vice Director wil give the training for the manger and the Director will give the training for the whole system. 
Besides the training program for developing personal skills, the company also organize the programs on specialty (invite lecturers to train, training at ICIC, at University of Technology and at Open University …). They are the the following training programs:
The training program: “Marketing Skills for Enterprise”, the program was done for the Marking Team of the company in order to equip the skill on marketing for the field of designing, bidding consultant, Project Management and Supervision …

    - Project Management

    - Supervision Consultant

    - Establish as-built document

   - Steel Structure in accordance with Vietnamese Standard and ASD/LRFD

    - Reinforced Concrete in accordance with Vietnamese Standard

   - Reinforced Concrete in accordance with the Standard of BS and high buildings

    - Training program specialized in M&E

In order to becoming a member of WTO and equipping foreign language skills for the purpose for accessing the plentiful sources of customers who have got foreign nationalities, our language for long term used is determined as English. Therefore, the company already carried out the English training for the whole staff and the management level. This is one regular and long term training program in order to help the staff to improve the communicating skills in English (communicating directly or through documents …) The company plans to practice communicating in English in the office during the year of 2025 and up to the late of 2025, the whole company’s documentation system will be converted into English.

Belows are some typical training programs to be held at the company:

In early November 2023, organize the training program of “Skill for deploying Technical Designing Document in new view” charged by the Project Department staff.



The training program on management skills like: Leading Skill, Project Management Skill … will be trained directly by the Directors. In addition, the company also hold the training program on recruitment, Human Resources planning for managers.